Battling Boy

Sure, most cities aren’t all that safe but Arcopolis is probably the most unsafe of them all.  Residents have to stick to a strict curfew—for if they go out on the streets at night they run the chance of getting kidnapped by the monsters that control the city (even though the mayor pretends that he is in charge).  And as everyone knows, people kidnapped disappear forever. 

What Arcopolis needs is a hero.  What Arcopolis needs is someone to fight against the monsters.  (Or at least someone that can fight against the monsters and win.)

Enter Battling Boy.

His parents are the most powerful superheroes in the universe.  So Battling Boy has a lot to live up when he’s sent to Arcopolis to sort out their little ‘monster problem.’ 

And Battling Boy has to handle things without any help from his superhero parents, because this is his Rambling: his chance to prove he deserves the superhero abilities he inherited.

If he survives, that is.

Battling Boy is the first book of a new series by Paul Pope that has been receiving a lot of buzz since it came out in October.