Can't Go Back to Yesterday...


I just finished Through the Zombie Glass, the second book in the White Rabbit Chronicles, a series by Gena Showalter that follows Ali Bell as she enters a nightmare world she never knew existed. In Alice in Zombieland, the first book, Ali loses her entire world and everyone she loves. Not that she had much of a social life; her father was a drunk who was obsessed with protecting the family from zombies. No one was allowed out after dark and he reinforced their walls with steel.

Ali always thought he was crazy until the crash. After begging and pleading, Ali and her sister, Emma, convinced her father to go to Emma’s dance recital. The crash killed Emma instantly. Ali’s parents weren’t so lucky. Ali watched as red-eyed creatures ravaged her parents. After that terrible night, Ali is thrown headfirst into a world of slayers and blood lines and spirit forms and zombies.

Turns out, not everyone can see zombies. They are purely spiritual beings, and they devour the spiritual energy of unsuspecting victims. To fight them, a slayer must separate their spirit from their bodies, but the body and spirit are so connected that whatever happens to the spirit is reflected on the body. It’s dangerous, it’s scary, and Ali can’t wait to kill every zombie she can get her hands on.

Her story continues in Through the Zombie Glass. She’s still fighting the demons of her past to piece her life back together, while fighting the real life demons that threaten those she cares about. Ali isn’t your average slayer. She can do things the others can’t, but when she survives a zombie bite, she changes in a way no other has. She can feel a second heartbeat. She has a dangerous hunger that lurks in the corners of her mind, always looking for a way out. She needs to learn who she can trust and who would use her for their own gain, all the while making sure she stays human.