What's Your Passion?

When I worked briefly as a bartender after college, I was once told by a fellow ’tender that I mix drinks like a baker. While I don’t think she meant this as a compliment, her statement has a ring of truth. I love to cook; I love to mix drinks. But, at heart, my foodie passion is baking. So imagine my delight when I came across Better Homes & Gardens’ Baking: More than 350 Recipes Plus Tips & Techniques.

And the subtitle lives up to its name. There are ways to make it mini, ways to customize, and many other helpful tidbits for even the more seasoned baker. This holiday season, I tried several of the recipes and decided to share the delicious results (pictured above from left to right: cover of Baking, spiced pumpkin donuts, peppery white cheddar biscuits, a ganache-coated peanut butter tart, and a dulce de leche-hazelnut-pumpkin pie).

Try some of these recipes today, and don’t forget to share!