Who Wouldn’t Want Their Very Own Dragon?!

Cara lives in a world where dragons are real. And not just real; they’re tame. That means they allow people to ride them. They even compete in games, like the Island Championships, every year. Riding schools like Dragonsdale train dragons for competitions.

Cara would love to ride a dragon, but her father, the Dragonmaster of Dragonsdale, will not let her. A terrible flying accident left Cara without her mother at a young age, and her father is too afraid of losing her to let her ride. But Skydancer, the dragon that Cara raised since he was a little dragonet, refuses to allow anyone to ride him but Cara.

Even though her father forbids it, Cara begins to train Sky in secret. But Hortense, the spoiled daughter of a rich Lord, would do anything to get Cara in trouble. Hortense has hated her since Cara came to the aid of a dragon that Hortense was whipping.

Cara has her hands full with getting Dragonsdale ready for the Island Championships, secretly spending time with Sky, and keeping her father and Hortense in the dark. But, of course, she can’t sneak around forever…

Dragonsdale by Salamanda Drake is a wonderful, imaginative read for any little dragon rider around elementary school age. There’s even a sequel, Riding the Storm, which continues the story in a land “where dragons and dreams take flight!”