All I Want for Christmas...

Just about everyone has someone in the family who will not stay out of their business. Always trying to set them up, marry them off and take all the credit. And in the Madaris family, that’s Mama Laverne. And her great-grandson Lee is scrambling to take control of his own future. As a successful business owner, Lee Madaris is used to being in control.


That is, until he sees Carly Briggs dancing alone on her birthday. And he experiences desire like he never has before. He can tell she’s been hurt and is running from her past, but he would never have guessed that it’s the mob that’s after her.


Check out A Madaris Bride for Christmas for a great romance that certainly isn’t short on passion but is also one that values family and friendship. If you want to read about the other members of the Madaris family, you can check out the rest of series in order here and place your holds here.