In the After

What would you be willing to give up to feel safe? How much could you adapt to stay alive? Find out in In the After.


When They came, everything changed. Amy’s world ended. Mom and Dad never came home. Before ended and the After began. If you made a sound, They came. And They were always hungry. Amy was glad her dad was an eco-freak and her mom was a security-freak. So when the electricity went out in all of Chicago, her solar powered house was still running. And the electric fence, powered by solar energy, kept Them out.


But when she ran out of food or other supplies, she had to venture out into the world in which They lived and hunted. She learned to survive by herself, but then she found Baby. A toddler shoveling rotting vegetables into her mouth at the abandoned supermarket. Baby already knew how to be quiet. She didn’t even speak. So Amy began a new family in the After. For years they got by on their own.


Then the planes came. The silent ones. Were They behind it? Or was something else out there? And when Amy finds out, she discovers a new life after the After. But nothing can ever go back to the way it was Before. And Amy had to ask herself:  what would you be willing to give up to feel safe, how much could you adapt to stay alive?