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Destiny of the Shrine Maiden is a 12 part anime series that follows Kurusugawa Himeko and Himemiya Chikane as they realize their destinies as the Solar and Lunar Priestesses. They are charged with awakening the God of Swords when the 8-headed Yamata no Orochi arises to destroy the world.


Pretty intense. But it’s not all fighting and whatnot, though. At the core of the story is a love triangle between Chikane, Ogami Soma and Himeko. This triangle is complicated because Himeko is unaware of Chikane’s feelings, and Chikane is painfully aware of how unacceptable her relationship with another woman would be in their village. So for now, they’re secret best friends. Secret because Chikane is a member of the nobility and the most admired girl in school. Himeko is a sweet, unassuming girl staying in their school’s dormitory. She has also won the affections of Soma, the hottest guy in school.


Things get complicated for the triangle when Yamata no Orochi awakens. Each of the eight “necks” are represented by eight different individuals who are overcome with the call of darkness to unite and destroy the world. Soma is the seventh neck. When he receives the call, he is forced to attack Himeko with his own robot of destruction. Before he can harm her, however, he is able to overcome the call of the Orochi and pledges to protect Himeko no matter what.


So Soma must battle the other necks whenever they attack while Chikane and Himeko attempt to wake the God of Swords, the only one who can defeat Yamata no Orochi.


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