Breakfast for Dinner

We’ve all done it…had a bowl of cereal for dinner, maybe whipped up some pancake batter when we’re feeling fancy, i.e. had Breakfast for Dinner. Americans are one of the few countries that have specialized “breakfast” foods that differentiate the morning meal from later meals. But Breakfast for Dinner bleeds our “breakfast” foods into main dishes, sides & starters, and drinks & desserts that are appropriate for any time of day.


I decided to test a couple of the recipes out, because I’m a dedicated library employee, and can say with certainty that the egg and chorizo burritos (page 25) with avocado cream sauce (page 24) made a delicious meal. And the maple bacon cupcakes (page 109) with candied bacon (page 110) were a surprisingly excellent dessert. Check it out and see what catches your eye (and taste buds)!