Between the Folds

I'll be the first to admit that for a long time I didn't watch documentaries. After attending school for multiple years (that felt like eons) and enduring countless films selected by instructors for my "educational betterment," I had developed a resistance to the term "educational films". But it so happens that the library has an entire collection of Educational DVDs, of which I am embarrassed to say I rarely used. I checked out the occasional workout DVD, and nodded my head in affirmation when my colleagues would praise a film they had just viewed, but I never was convinced to check out a documentary myself. Documentaries sounded boring. And I really disliked watching boring films.

With this preconceived notion established, I was very surprised to find an Educational DVD title that actually sounded interesting to me. After searching for origami books to use during a teen art program, I found a DVD titled Between the folds: a film about finding inspiration in unexpected places. That sounded fairly catchy, even to a skeptic like me. I checked it out, brought it home, and set it by my television with the full intention of watching it. And then I let it sit, unwatched, until the night before it was due, always finding something "better" to do than watching the film.

Determined to watch Between the folds before returning it to the library, I forced myself to put it into the player and turn on the TV. Even my roommate (who coincidentally also recently finished her degree) said she wasn't interested in watching an educational film, but agreed to stay in the room while reading a book.

Can you guess what happened?

I sat entranced while it played, and my roommate--with book in hand--watched a good chunk of the film as well. It was fascinating! The film introduces several different scientists, mathematicians, and leading academics, as well as other creative artists, who show the beautiful utility of paper folding. Their designs are as intricate as beautiful, and carry far more scientific applications than I ever would have dreamed possible. I was captivated during the full 55 minutes of the film, and was almost sad when it was over.

With that being said, I highly suggest checking out Between the folds: a film about finding inspiration in unexpected places.

Now that I've seen what great films are in the Educational DVD collection, I have a feeling I'll be checking out more items very soon! Oh, the possibilities...