Haben Sie In Der Letzten Zeit Eine Gute Film Gesehen?


Recently, I found myself in needed of a foreign film about which I would be comfortable leading a discussion (never mind the details). While I have seen a lot of amazing foreign films recently, most notable among them are A Separation (Iran) and Where Do We Go Now? (Lebanon), I turned to my amazing coworkers because they are considerably better versed in films of all genres than I am. I asked a few of them to list their favorite foreign films of all time, and since I received so many great suggestions, it seemed selfish to keep them all to myself. These are the lists I compiled, in no particular order:


Brian (Circulation Clerk):


The Seventh Seal (Sweden,) Seven Samarai (Japan), Wings of Desire (Germany), Faraway, So Close! (Germany), Ran (Japan), The Double Life of Véronique* (Poland)


Bill (Adult Services Librarian):


Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Spain), Goodbye Lenin (Germany), Fanny and Alexander (Sweden), Danton (France), The Lives of Others (Germany)


Theo (Circulation Clerk):


Diva (France), M (Germany), Nosferatu (Germany), Beauty and the Beast (France), Aguirre, the Wrath of God (Germany)


Eric (Shelver):


Rififi (France), M (Germany), La Dolce Vita (Italy), Seven Samurai (Japan), The Exterminating Angel (Mexico)


Anna (Circulation):


Ballad of Narayama (Japan), Last Year at Marienbad (France), Breathless (France), Caché (France), Talk to Her (Spain), Playtime (France), M (Germany)


*In case anyone is curious, I ended up choosing The Double Life of Véronique.