Cafe Kichijouji Vol. 1 by Koyko Negishi

I want you to picture your favorite cafe.  The coffee, the pasties, the quiet atmosphere, the five crazy yet attractive waiters whose constant fighting is both entertaining and maddening.  Wait... your favorite cafe doesn't have five crazy waiters? Well, Cafe Kichijouji does.  Think if Ouran High School Host Club was moved to a cafe and the guys weren't super rich.  Trust me it still works.  You get the same kind of wacky personalities and antics in Ouran in Cafe Kichijouji.  From Chef Minigawa's curse dolls and cursed pastries to waiter Tokumi who just wants to be noticed by girls, there is never a dull moment in the cafe.  Watch the waiters get chased by bulls, attacked by giant catfish, and never let Ichinomiya hear you say that he looks like a girl, because he might throw a giant boulder at you.

Cafe Kichijouji is ancient in manga years.  It was published way back in 2001.  However it is a lot of fun.  If you want short, zany plots with likable characters that make you burst out laughing without any crazy magic or scifi bits, then try Cafe Kichijouji.  You can enjoy the first volume as a stand alone or move onto the second for more fun.  The manga holds up to being over a decade old.  So if you've just finished Ouran High and are dying for more of the same, check out Cafe Kichijouji.