Safari: A Photicular Book

I have discovered the most enjoyable—yet educational—book!

Safari: A Photicular Book, created by Dan Kainen and written by Carol Kaufmann has utilized the technology of photicular imaging to create a moving image of animals from the Safari. This book gives readers an opportunity to see these magnificent creatures in their habitat, complemented with statistics about the animals (size, top land speed, habitat, life span, etc.).

The book is a short read, with 17 pages of introduction and details about the cheetah, followed by 7 full-page spreads featuring lions, gorillas, the rhinoceros, zebras, elephants, gazelles, and giraffes.

The informational content is interesting and informative (did you know that a cheetah can run at 70 mph?) but the BEST feature of the book is the images. Watch a cheetah run across the plains, a gorilla munching on grass, an elephant flap its ears. Turn the book’s pages slowly to watch the animal in its actual habitat, or flip it fast to watch the animal move at super-speed! Open the book to move the animals forward, close the book to make them run in reverse—a surprising amount of entertainment is just a page-turn away.