Recently Processed Collections

Two collections have recently been processed and are now fully accessible at the Champaign County Historical Archives of The Urbana Free Library.

The Champaign Urbana Woman’s Club

The Champaign Urbana Community Woman’s Club was established as a community league in 1956 with the purposes of community service, self-improvement, and social life. The collection contains records from 1956-2012. The records consist of the organization’s constitution, general meeting notes and minutes, executive board meeting notes, treasurer reports, and documents related to a financial audit conducted in 1978-79. The collection also contains several yearbooks spanning from 1956-2012.  




Urbana Neighborhood Associations

The Collection contains materials pertaining to the West Urbana Neighborhood Association (WUNA) (1971-1975), the Association for Residential Preservation in Urbana (ARPU) (1972-1974), the Southeast Urbana Neighborhood Association (SUNA) (1972-1974), and the Society for the Urban Residential Environment (SURE) (1975-1976). Materials originally collected by Betty Alexander and contributed by Liz Cardman.

The West Urbana Neighborhood Association (WUNA) was established in 1971 in order to “preserve the residential integrity of the neighborhood.” The Southeast Urbana Neighborhood Association (SUNA) was also established in 1971 to “promote constructive and intelligent change in the best interests of all citizens of the community.” The Society for the Urban Residential Environment (SURE) was established in 1975 “to preserve and improve the essential character of the intact urban and suburban residential areas” of Champaign, Urbana, and the surrounding areas. The Association for Residential Preservation in Urbana (ARPU) was established in 1972 and was comprised of WUNA members. The group was formed to address the Windsor road expansion in Urbana.