New Criterion Collection titles at your library!

There are a lot of things to appreciate about the Criterion Collection releases of classic movies. They have awesome special features, great quality picture and sound, and a really diverse selection. Perhaps my favorite thing about them, though, is that they often remind me to catch up on older titles I may have missed out on. When the new Criterion version of the sci-fi cult movie Repo Man was released recently it was the perfect time to check out an 80's classic that I somehow missed. I found it to be a very strange and fun film to watch, and it features a fabulous performance by one of my favorite actors, Harry Dean Stanton.

Another Criterion release on the horizon that I am looking forward to is British director Mike Leigh's 1990 movie Life is Sweet. It is another classic film I managed to miss, despite being a fan of Mike Leigh's more recent films, such as 2010's Another Year.

We try to add as many Criterion Collection releases as possible to The Urbana Free Library's amazing DVD collection, so keep your eye out for these and more!