Exploration Kits

Contents of Transportation Exploration KitDid you know that the Urbana Free Library Children's Department has 31 great, hands on learning kits? Each kit includes a wide variety of hands on activities; such as, puzzles, finger puppets, miniature figurines, stencils, activity cards, dice, and books. Each Exploration Kit is based on a theme, and the Urbana Free Library has kits on many topics including colors, numbers, space, growing things, seasons, wild animals, tools and machines, life cycles, transportation, sea life, and more. Our exploration kits are geared towards preschool age children. And, these kits are a great way to immerse your child in a learning experience about a given topic/theme. You can see pictures of all 31 kits (and what each kit includes) in the Children's Department. This is located along the back/west wall of the Children's Department. Or, just ask us at the Children's Question Desk to help you locate these fantastic kits. Check one out soon for a fun learning experience.  Janet R.