Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Prince Rufus is dead.  The Royal Family says it was a simple hunting accident but all the evidence points to murder with a dragon as the culprit.  Making matters worse is the approaching anniversary of the truce between humans and dragons, and tensions are at an all time high.

During this, Seraphina, whose mother was a dragon and father is human, strives to keep her head down and focus on her new job as Music Mistress for the Royal Family.  All her plans for obscurity go awry when her new status brings her to the attention of Lucian Kiggs, Captain of the Queen’s Guard, and his cousin, second heir to the throne, Princess Glisselda.

Through these unlikely friendships, Seraphina is pulled into the country’s turbulent politics.  More and more people are growing hostile towards the dragons that take human form and live among them.  Seraphina’s unique heritage allows her to work with both humans and dragons to help calm some of the tension.

But can she restore the peace before a rogue dragon general can start a new war? 

Seraphina is Rachel Hartman’s debut novel and has already received multiple accolades.  A sequel Shadowscale is scheduled for a February 2014 release date.