And You Thought Your Spring Cleaning was Tough!


A person cannot help noticing in many parts of this town, the culpable neglect of too many in allowing their yards and alleys to be filled full of filth of all kinds. In walking through a part of town rather unfrequented, the other day, we were surprised to see the neglect of the people. Around every stable and pig-sty, manure has been allowed to accumulate for the last year, until the amount is so great that it must result in consequences detrimental to health of those living in the neighborhood, unless soon removed. A dollar or two spent by those near by, in removing these accumulations from streets and alleys, may save them much sickness. Certainly, those inhaling the fumes from these filthy masses near their dwellings, for any length of time, must fall victims to disease in some form. Then, why not go about it at once, lest, as the warm weather comes and with it disease, you rue your neglect in this matter.

From the Urbana Union, June 13, 1854