'Origin' by Jessica Khoury

Pia is perfect.  She knows this, not because her parents, aunts, and uncles tell her all the time (they do), but because it is scientifically proven.  Pia is the result of five generations of experiments and careful genetic testing.  She is the most advanced human in the world.  She heals quickly, never gets sick, and will never grow old.  Pia is immortal.

Pia is also hidden away from the world in Little Cam—a compound dedicated to science and new discoveries.  She does not know where she is, and her family tells her it does not matter.  She has been raised to be a scientist and should not be influenced by what outsiders may think.  Her mission when she grows up is to create more humans like her—an entire race of immortals. 

But before that, Pia wants to see what is on the other side of Little Cam’s fence. 

By chance a storm knocks a tree over and its roots dig up a hole in the electric fence that separates Pia from the wild jungle that surrounds her.  She seizes her opportunity and leaves to explore the world she only saw from her glass bedroom. 

Outside of Little Cam, Pia is overwhelmed by the varieties of plants and the sounds of animals hidden in the brush.  And she is mostly overwhelmed by her encounter with Eio, a boy for the local village.  Through Eio, Pia starts to learn that there are things more important than living forever. 

Her world of Little Cam is just that—little.  Now that she has tasted what is outside, Pia cannot stop her desire to explore everything with Eio.  But the scientists of Little Cam, will never let her forget that they made her, and they can unmake her if they deem it necessary.

Origin, Jessica Khoury’s debut novel, is equal parts mystery, science fiction thriller, and a love story.  It is an excellent read and will definitely keep you guessing at how it will end!