Hooked on Phonics Kits

Cover of "Hooked on Phonics : Kindergarten Edition" Kit"Hooked on Phonics" is the award winning method of teaching children how to read. The series of "Hooked on Phonics" kits has won multiple awards including the Teacher's Choice Award, IParenting Media Award, Creative Child Product of the Year Award, and Dr. Toy's Best Educational Products Award. "Hooked on Phonics" kits are a multisensory approach to reading, and each kit includes books, flashcards, workbooks, cd's, dvd's, and cdrom's. Each lesson is 15-20 minutes and is flexible, so each leasson can be geared towards your child and their learning style(s). At the Urbana Free Library Children's Department, you will find 12 differnent "Hooked on Phonics" kits that range from pre-k through second grade (with several levels in between). The covers (of the kits) and their cards (which you take to the circulation desk to check out the kit) are located along the back wall of the Children's Department or just ask us at the Children's Question Desk to help you locate the "Hooked on Phonics" section. These kits are a fun (and proven) way to help your child learn to read and to read more fluently. So, check them out.   Janet R.