Get Happy!

This is the time of year that almost everyone in the Midwest could use a little sunshine or some sort of mood-booster. Just in time, here’s a documentary on the subject of happiness. The film features stories of happy people around the world and shares current research on the topic, including an interview with Ed Diener, a leading researcher on happiness studies and a professor at the University of Illinois here in Champaign-Urbana. The documentary, Happy,  investigates how and what makes people happy all around the world. For example, did you know the government of Bhutan measures Gross National Happiness? It does!

The film itself is enjoyable to watch. It includes plenty of pleasant scenes, smiling people talking about their own joy, and information about current research in this field. An active viewer might even be inspired to take note of the tips on increasing his/her enjoyment! One of my favorite take-aways for contemplation is this: focus on intrinsic goals (personal growth, relationships, helping others) instead of extrinsic goals (money, image, status). Sure this advice may seem obvious to you, but with this 2013’s new year’s resolutions fresh in my mind I noticed that mine could use little revision in the name of happiness. Check out this short, enjoyable film from Urbana Free Library today. You’ll learn about some fascinating scientific research and may even find something in your own life to smile about through the rest of these winter months.