Dustlands by Moira Young

The second book of Moira Young’s Dustlands trilogy, Rebel Heart, was just as attention-grabbing as the first book. I finished it in one weekend, because I couldn’t put it down! A review of Rebel Heart would contain too many spoilers for those who are new to the series, so instead, I’m posting the review I wrote last March about Blood Red Road:

How far would you go to save your sibling? Not just your sibling, but your twin. Your other half, whom you’ve always known and can’t imagine life without.

This is how Saba feels about her twin brother, Lugh. She is content with being Lugh’s shadow, letting him lead and she will follow, until the day that cloaked horsemen come to their home and capture Lugh, riding off with him and leaving Saba. Before they carry him away, Saba promises Lugh that she will find him. “I’ll find you, I says. Wherever they take you, I swear I’ll find you.”

This promise pushes Saba to find strength and determination she didn’t know she possessed, which carries her far from home to a wild world. On her journey, she gets captured and forced to cage fight, earning the name “Angel of Death” because she refuses to lose a fight. Saba discovers she is a strong survivor, an unstoppable fighter, and a born leader. She makes unexpected friendships with fellow fighters and girl revolutionaries who join forces with her to save her brother.

The first book of the Dustlands trilogy, Blood Red Road will grab your attention and leave you eager for the next book. So what are you waiting for? Request it today!