Staff Favorite Reads of 2012

When people think of libraries, the first things that come to mind are—you guessed it—books. New books, old books, tall books, short books, the library has them all. With such an extensive collection of titles, it’s only natural that people are sometimes at a loss about what to read next.

In 2010, in an effort to solve that problem, library staff began compiling their favorite books read throughout the year. Thanks to our staff size, we have a broad range of interests and reading preferences, resulting in an equally diverse compilation of book recommendations.

In 2011 and 2012, I’ve had the responsibility for compiling the Staff Favorite Reads. I’ve enjoyed the experience of gathering book recommendations from my fellow staff members, gaining a first-hand view of each person’s reading preferences.

Among us, you’ll find die-hard Sci-Fi & Fantasy fans, Romance junkies, Mystery lovers, and the eternal youth-at-heart who mainly read books from the Young Adult section. You’ll find those of us, including myself, who religiously read books published by their favorite authors, frequently reliving the time periods featured in the classics. But you’ll also find many cooking aficionados, superhero fans, and history buffs. Our reading recommendations encompass most fiction genres, and span the full range of the Dewey Decimal System-- almost guaranteeing that you’ll find a great book to read, regardless of your reading preference.

You can find PDF copies of the Staff Favorite Reads of 2012 on our website, or you can pick up a copy of the lists the next time you visit the library.

On the Staff Favorite Reads of 2012, we’ve included staff member’s names next to their favorite books—if you enjoy our suggestions, please let us know! You can email us at, or tell one of the Librarians at the Reference Desk during your next visit at the library.

We’ve enjoyed reading the books on these lists, and we hope you do too!