Real Life on Film

Besides travel, cooking and how-to titles, our educational DVD collection contains deep, wonderful documentaries offering glimpses of people’s real lives, issues and struggles.

Here’s a selection of notable films we’ve added to our collection recently.

9500 Liberty

In 2007, Prince William County in Virginia implemented an anti-immigration law similar to the one proposed in Arizona a few years later. Advocated by a rabid blogger, resisted against by the use of social media, the law polarized the community. This film documents the controversy and the issues.



Bear Nation

This well-crafted film presents men in a subculture of the gay community who don’t fit the stereotypical, expected image. These are the Bears-- hairy, large, very masculine and proud to be who they are and what they represent.



Patagonia Se Levanta = Patagonia Rises

To dam or not to dam? Residents in the rural area of Chile are caught in the cross-fire. Their free-flowing rivers have provided sustenance and biodiversity in the area for centuries. Now there’s a plan to build five large hydroelectric dams. Will this provide the “clean” energy the country needs, or are alternative solar and wind sources better for the residents and the land itself? In Spanish and English.



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