How Much Can You Enjoy Your Library’s Collection? Now More Than Ever!

On July 1, the library raised the lending limits on some of its most popular collections.  Now you can enjoy library materials on your out-of-town vacation or at home during the lazy days of summer.

How much can you check out? 

  • Books on Disc: 15 total (across the adult and children’s collections)
  • Music CDs: 40 total (across the adult and children’s collections)
  • DVDs: 20 total (across the adult and children’s collections)
  • Children’s Collection Kits: 2 of each type (2 Exploration and 2 Learning)
  • Adult Collection Board games: 2

As an added perk, since you’ll have more items checked out, we are increasing the number of renewals to three for renewable items, as long as there are no requests on those items.

If you are a teacher using a title in your classroom, or if you are going on a longer vacation, you also will be able to request an upfront renewal for one-week DVDs and two-week items--just ask for a school/vacation loan (this option only applies when there are no requests on an item, and will use up one available renewal).

Fee limits have been raised as well!   Library users who have fees up to $10.00 will be able to check out at The UFL.

We hope you will enjoy the flexibility and convenience these expanded limits offer your family. If you have any questions, please call Circulation Services at 217-367-4057.