Better World Books Update

Adult Services staff continue to process boxes from Better World Books. As of September 4, 2013, approximately 20 boxes remain to be carefully re-evaluated.

2457 books have been added back to the collection. Not all of the returned boxes contained nonfiction. 1 box had materials from a library out of state. 5 or 6 contained mysteries and spy titles that we’d withdrawn earlier. These had not circulated for 3 years and more, and matched other weeding criteria. Since the boxes returned contained different numbers of books, counting by number of items gives a clearer picture. 9341 items with a pub date of 2003 and earlier had been identified for discard. The process was stopped before all were pulled. We estimate 8876 items were actually sent to Better World Books. Adult Services is keeping track of the numbers added back and ones we decided not to retain. We will provide more specific numbers when the project is complete.

(information provided by Mary Towner, Interim Director of Adult Services)