Statistics on Weed Lists

For those who have been waiting for an answer on the number of non-fiction items weeded, we are posting the statistics here. 

Statistics on Weed Lists


  • The non-fiction lists that are posted here include only the Dewey ranges that were processed before weeding stopped.  Nearly 60% of the non-fiction collection was never even started and is not included here.
  • Better World Books is returning 200 boxes of books (due to ship early next week).  As a result, these weeding statistics cannot be considered final.  Once the boxes are received, librarians will re-evaluate the items and return what they choose to the collection. 
  • To the untrained librarian, the percentages withdrawn from the collection may still seem high, but for the most part these percentages are relatively expected for a collection with a large number of older titles.

To provide some reassurance, I looked for comparison to a weeding project done last year.  Prior to the computer lab rearrangement last September, the reference books were reduced to three double-sided shelving units, and room was created in the Quarto (oversized book) section to accommodate the displaced Mitchell car manuals that are heavily used.  In the process, 28% of the quarto collection was withdrawn.  Staff and public have uniformly praised the lab rearrangement, and we received no complaints about the Quarto weeding.

We hope that this extra information helps to ease everyone’s concerns.

Deb Lissak

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