The Tale of the Well-Loved Fire Safety Corner

Once upon a time there was a fire truck that lived in a busy public library. Engine 22 was a shiny little fire truck built by the firefighters of Urbana Local 1147. Its shelves were filled with interesting fire safety books for the children who visited The Urbana Free Library.

The children loved the fire truck so much that pretty soon its shiny paint began to chip, its comfy seats broke, and its soft carpet ripped. The fire truck looked shabby, but it was as good as ever, and children still had fun sitting in the truck and reading the books on its shelves.

One day, a group of generous volunteers and donors saw the well-loved library fire truck and organized a plan to spruce it up. They decided to paint its walls, install a new floor, and fix its seats so the fire truck would still be a safe and cheerful place for the children to play.

Engine 22 was happy. And so were the children who visited the library!

On September 2 and 3, library staff, donors, and volunteers worked together to refurbish Engine 22. We are pleased to say it looks AWESOME!

The library would like to thank the following donors and volunteers for their support:

  • Nancy Strunk, Claymore Realty, Inc.
  • Sara Tondini, Claymore Realty, Inc.
  • Steve, Cindy, & Alie Tarrant, Tarrant Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • James Porter, JPE, Inc.
  • Julie, Megan, & Aidan Porter
  • Sean O’Callaghan, Urbana Fire Department
  • Friends of The Urbana Free Library