Back to Basics: The Art of Caring for Ourselves


Homesteading: A Backyard Guide to Growing Your Own Food, Canning, Keeping Chickens, Generating Your Own Energy, Crafting, Herbal Medicine, and More
Abigail R. Gehring, editor, 2009
640 / HOM


American Farmstead Cheese: The Complete Guide to Making and Selling Artisan Cheeses
Paul Kindstedt with the Vermont Cheese Council, 2005
641.373 / KIN



Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning: Traditional Techniques Using Salt, Oil, Sugar, Alcohol, Vinegar, Drying, Cold Storage, and Lactic Fermentation
The gardeners and farmers of Terre Vivante, 2007
641.4 / PRE



Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It: And Other Cooking Projects
Karen Solomon, 2009
641.4 / SOL


Complete Book of Home Preserving: 400 Delicious and Creative Recipes for Today
Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine, editors, 2006
641.42 / COM



Food Drying with an Attitude: A Fun and Fabulous Guide toCreating Snacks, Meals, and Crafts
Mary T. Bell, 2008
641.44 / BEL



The Joy of Keeping a Root Cellar: Canning, Freezing, Drying,Smoking, and Preserving the Harvest
Jennifer Megyesi , 2010
641.48 / MEG



Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing
Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn, 2005
641.49 / RUH



The Backyard Homestead
Carleen Madigan, editor, 2009
630 / BAC



Cottage Economy: Containing Information Relative to the Brewing of Beer, Making of Bread, Keeping of Cows, Pigs, Bees, Ewes, Goats, Poultry, and Rabbits, and Relative to Other Matters Deemed Usefulin the Conducting of the Affairs of a Labourer’s Family...
William Cobbett, 2006
630 / COB



Community Gardening
Ellen Kirby and Elizabeth Peters, editors, 2008
635 / COM



Small Plot, High Yield Gardening: Grow Like a Pro, Save Money, and Eat Well from Your Front (or Back or Side) Yard Organic Produce Garden
Sal Gilbertie and Larry Sheehan, 2010
635 / GIL



Fresh Food from Small Spaces: The Square Inch Gardener’s Guide to Year-Round Growing, Fermenting, and Sprouting
R.J. Ruppenthal, 2008
635 / RUP



The Plant Propagator’s Bible
Miranda Smith, 2007
635.043 / SMI



Mini Farming: Self Sufficiency on a 1/4 Acre
Brett L. Markham, 2010
635.048 / MAR



Secrets to Great Soil: A Grower’s Guide to Composting, Mulching, and Creating Healthy, Fertile Soil for Your Garden and Lawn
Elizabeth Stell, 1998
Q / 635.0489 / STE



Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens: Care, Feeding, Facilities
Gail Damerow, 2010
636.5 / DAM



Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture
Ross Conrad, 2007
638.1 / CON



The Backyard Beekeeper’s Honey Handbook: A Guide to Creating, Harvesting, and Cooking with Natural Honeys
Kim Flottum, 2009
638.16 / FLO



Forgotten Skills of Cooking: The Time Honored Ways Are the Best-- Over 700 Recipes Show You Why
Darina Allen, 2009
641.5 / ALL



Build Your Own Earth Oven: A Low-Cost, Wood-Fired Mud Oven, Simple Sourdough Bread, Perfect Loaves: For Bakers & Beginners Both
Kiko Denzer, 2000
641.5028 / DEN



Home Brewing: Self-Sufficiency
John Parkes, 2009
641.873 / PAR



The Forgotten Art of Building and Using a Brick Bake Oven: How to Date, Renovate or Use an Existing Brick Oven, or to Construct a New One: A Practical Guide
Richard M. Bacon, 1977
697.2 / BAC




Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths about Our Air-Conditioned World (and Finding New Ways to Get Through the Summer)
Stan Cox, 2010
306.46 / COX



Toward a Zero Energy Home: A Complete Guide to Energy Self-Sufficiency at Home
David Johnson & Scott Gibson, 2010
333.7962 / JOH



Energy Independence: Your Everyday Guideto Reducing Fuel Consumption
Christine Woodside, 2009
333.7962 / WOO



The Human-Powered Home: Choosing Muscles over Motors
Tamara Dean, 2008
640 / DEA



The Carbon-Free Home: 36 Remodeling Projects to Help Kick the Fossil-Fuel Habit
Stephen and Rebekah Hren, 2008
643.7 / HRE



Greening Your Home: Sustainable Options for Every System in Your House
Clayton Bennett, 2008
644 / BEN



Living Off the Grid: A Simple Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Self-Reliant Supply of Energy, Water, Shelter, and More
Dave Black, 2008
644 / BLA



Household Cleaning: Self-Sufficiency
Rachelle Strauss, 2009
648.5 / STR



Soap Making: Self-Sufficiency
Sarah Ade, 2009
668.124 / ADE



The Complete Modern Blacksmith
Alexander G. Weygers, 1997
Q / 682.4 / WEY



Stoneview: How to Build an Eco-Friendly Little Guesthouse
Rob Roy, 2008
690.8047 / ROY



Housebuilding: A Do-It-Yourself Guide
R.J. DeCristoforo, 2007
690.837 / DEC



Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter
Lloyd Kahn, 2004
Q / 690.837 / KAH



Building Green: A Complete How-to Guide to Alternative Building Methods: Earth Plaster, Straw Bale, Cordwood, Cob, Living Roofs
Clarke Snell & Tim Callahan, 2005
690.837 / SNE


The Woodburner’s Companion: Practical Ways of Heating with Wood
Dirk Thomas, 2004
697.04 / THO



Fire Places: A Practical Design Guide to Fireplaces and Stoves Indoors and Out
Jane Gitlin, 2006
697.1 / GIT



Solar Water Heating: A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Water and Space Heating Systems
Bob Ramlow with Benjamin Nusz, 2006
697.78 / RAM



Energy Free: Home for a Small Planet
Ann V. Edminster, 2009
720.472 / EDM



The Passive Solar Primer: Sustainable Architecture
David Wright, 2008
728.0472 / WRI



The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing: 1200 Full-Color How-to Photos
646.2 / COM



How to Use a Sewing Machine: Everything You Need to Know to Sew with Confidence
Marie Clayton, 2010
646.2044 / CLA


Style, Naturally: The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty
Summer Rayne Oakes, 2009
646.3 / OAK



Subversive Seamster: Transform Thrift Store Threads into Street Couture
Melissa Alvarado, Hope Meng, Melissa Rannels, 2007
646.4 / ALV


The Illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book
Joan Wiener Bordow and Sharon Rosenberg, 2008
646.4 / BOR



Easy Guide to Sewing Tops and T-Shirts, Skirts, and Pants
Lynn MacIntyre and Marcy Tilton, 2009
646.4 / MAC



Sewing Lingerie That Fits: Stylish Underwear, Sleepwear, and Loungewear For Everyday Living
Karen Morris, 2001
646.42 / MOR



Shirtmaking: Developing Skills for Fine Sewing
David Page Coffin, 1993
646.435 / COF



Hand Mending Made Easy: Save Time and Money Repairing Your Own Clothes
Nan L. Ides, 2008
646.6 / IDE



Knitwear Design Workshop: A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits
Shirley Paden, 2009
746.432 / PAD




Two Billion Cars: Driving Toward Sustainability
Daniel Sperling, Deborah Gordon, 2009
388.342 / SPE



Plug-In Hybrids: The Cars That Will Recharge America
Sherry Boschert, 2006
629.2293 / BOS



How to Live Well Without Owning a Car: Save Money, Breathe Easier, and Get More Mileage Out of Life
Chris Balish, 2006
640 / BAL




SVO: Powering Your Vehicle with Straight Vegetable Oil
Forest Gregg, 2008
662.669 / GRE



The Lost Art of Walking: The History, Science, Philosophy, and Literature of Pedestrianism
Geoff Nicholson, 2008
796.51 / NIC



The Cyclist’s Manifesto: The Case for Riding on Two Wheels Instead of Four
Robert Hurst, 2009
796.6 / HUR



Biking to Work
Rory McMullan, 2008
796.6 / MCM