Leadership Gifts For Library Spaces (gifts of $20,000 or more)

Charles Dean Lewis
Jean Evans
Chester and Nadine Houston
Flex-N-Gate Corporation
Busey Bank and Douglas and Linda Mills
Robert Spitze, Hazel Taylor Spitze, Glenna Dean Spitze, and Christopher Taylor Franklin
Joan and Peter Hood
Robert Spitze and Hazel Taylor Spitze
Pam and Phil Knox
Betty Ann Knight
Kenneth and Marlyn Rinehart and Family
Gloria and Allan Mueller
Cameron and Helen Satterthwaite and Family
Jack Simon
Alice and Kenneth Lansing
John and Helen Carson
The Scharlau-Zimmer Family
Jon and Judith Liebman
The Rotary Club of Urbana
Richard and Waynona Brown and Family
William and Annie Laurie Horsfall
Wayne and Loretta LaFave
John and Irene Clements
Jack and Kay Briscoe
Donna and Stuart Mamer
Elaine and Max Hershbarger
Frederick and Carolyn Green

Sponsorship Gifts for Library Expansion (gifts of $10,000 to $19,999)

Richard Anderson and Jana Mason
Clarissa Barnes
Robert and Marie Bohl
Donald and Jean Burkholder
Bei Tse and May Chao
William Davey
Mary K. Evans
Marvin and Mati Frankel
The Friends of The Urbana Free Library
Virginia Guthrie
Dr. John and Barbara Houseworth
Harold and Pat Jensen
Eldon Johnson
Mary and Ulrich Kruse
Raymond and Jane Leuthold
Robert P. Link
Main Street Bank and Trust
Donna Knudson McPherson
Richard and Anna Merritt
The News-Gazette
Esther Patt
The Quisenberry Family
Simon Rosenzweig
Stephen and Deborah Rugg
Kirsten Schousboe
Trent Shepard
William Sleator
Victor and Susan Stone
Mary Adell Styles
The Webber-Thies Family