Interested in starting a giving circle?

A giving circle is group of philanthropically-minded people that come together and pool their dollars to have a collective impact in the community.  Giving circles can be formal with funds at community foundations, a specific grantmaking focus, and even an application process.  Informal giving circles can be a group of friends interested in supporting a particular cause one time or in an ongoing way. 

This type of participatory philanthropy has become popular in the past several years (modeled after mutual aid societies) as a way to increase awareness of community needs and have a meaningful impact beyond what any one donor can do alone.  The Urbana Free Library Foundation welcomes giving circles and can establish designated funds to ensure record-keeping and reporting for the giving circle.  We can also provide regular updates related to the giving circle’s gift and impact. 

Giving circles are a great way to be philanthropic with others in your community and make a difference at the Library! To establish your giving circle, reach out today! Email or call 217-531-7057.