About the Circulation and Shelver/Barista Test

There are 100 questions, and a score of 85 or above is considered “passing.”

Section One

Determine if the pair is the same or different. Mark identical pairs with a plus sign (+) and pairs that differ with a minus sign (-).


___-____Helen Allison----------------------------------------------------Helen Alison


Section Two

Put a series of six names in alphabetical order, numbering from 1 (first) to 6 (last) to reflect the correct alphabetical order.


Charles          Ferguson          Garvey              Artial              Garble               Gar

___2___         ___3___         ___6___         ___1___         ___5___         ___4___

Section Three

Put a series of four Dewey Decimal call numbers in numerical order from 1 (lowest) to 4 (highest). Compare the numbers before the decimal point and place the lowest number first. Next, compare the numbers after the decimal point, moving to the right one place at a time. Place the lowest number first. For example, .564 comes before .62 because 5 is lower than 6. If two complete numbers are identical, then order them alphabetically by the letter group.   


725.91 LAS          617.564 YOU          617.62HOR          725.91 LAM

  ___4___               ___1___               ___2___               ___3___