From the Mailbox: How did Race Street Get its Name? (Otherwise known as a Day in an Archivist's Life)

200 Block of Race Street, September 27, 1944So, what do archivists do? Here at the CCHA, we have a clever meme in our office that explains how the different people in our lives imagine our occupation. It suggests our friends believe we are surrounded by a mess of old books in stuffy stacks, that our family sees us as old curmudgeons browsing through dusty tomes, and that society sees us as genealogical wizards. While some of these characteristics are true to some extent, what we actually do is more nuanced, varied, and interesting. Read more about From the Mailbox: How did Race Street Get its Name? (Otherwise known as a Day in an Archivist's Life)

The Snowiest Time of the Year

1977,1978 and 1979 were particularly snowy years in Champaign County.

1977 got off to a cold and snowy start. Throughout the month of January, record low temperatures closed schools across the county, and ice and snow drifts made many country roads impassable. By months end, fuel reserves throughout the state were depleted, prompting many to worry about remaining warm (Courier, January 27, 1977).  Read more about The Snowiest Time of the Year

Urbana Elementary Schools Desegregated in 1966

This weekend the cities of Urbana and Champaign along with Parkland College and the University of Illinois celebrated the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Countywide Celebration. This year, the event honored six community members for their efforts to desegregate the Urbana elementary schools in 1966. The Champaign County Historical Archives has records pertinent to these events, available for use within the Archives Reading Room.

Headline from the Urbana Courier, 27 July 1966

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Local Information—For Your Convenience

You may visit us for our books, computer lab, programs or genealogical resources, but The Urbana Free Library can also be your go-to source for local information. We can help make your life easier by providing one convenient place to obtain many different handouts or snippets of news or to take care of daily tasks.

Our cultural and community information bulletin boards are packed with posters announcing performances, meetings, official announcements, and local activities. Read more about Local Information—For Your Convenience