A Season of Daring Greatly

A Season of Daring Greatly coverGo to college and play baseball for Stanford University, or accept an offer from the Pittsburgh Pirates as their third round pick? Many high school seniors face this dilemma each year, and it’s no different for Jill Cafferty.

It's time for the Olympics!


The 2016 Summer Olympics have begun in Rio, with millions of people around the world tuning in for the sports and the spectacle promised by the global competition. Want to know more about the modern Olympic Games and their history? Here are a few new titles to get you started! 

Spring usually brings thoughts of sunshine, flowers, picnic, baseball, but what about football?


Traditionally, football is an autumnal sport where two teams face off as the leaves fall. Yet, collegiate athletes continue to train year round and even match up for special games. The Fighting Illini are no different and this weekend will bring the football players front and center, reminding us in the Archives of Illinois’ proud football legacy.