Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Where Futures End

Where Futures End cover100 years.  Five stories.  2 connected worlds.  Allies or enemies?


Dylan discovers the Other Place as a child and keeps trying to go back there, angered and mystified that no one else can sense the other world as his real life spirals out of control. 


In 2050 you can hack your brain

Bluescreen CoverIn 2050 most jobs are done by nulis (think small robots/drones) and most of Los Angeles (which is now bigger than most states) is out of work.  Marisa Carneseca and her friends are tryin

Sekret by Lindsey Smith

Yulia had never really thought there was anything all that special about her.  Her main goal in life was to remain hidden, under the radar, and if trusting the visions she saw when she touched objects helped her out, who was she to complain?

Lunar Chronicles!

Disappointingly, we still have to wait until November to read Winter, the final book of the Lunar Chronicles series.

Award-winning science fiction—now in LARGE PRINT

Do you enjoy tales of the unknown, alternative universes, aliens, or space flight?  We’ve just added a mini-collection of excellent, acclaimed science fiction novels that have escaped the surly bonds of small font and are now available for you to read in LARGE PRINT.