Enter the 14th Annual Illinois Emerging Writers Competition

Do you have a passion for poetry?  The 14th Annual Illinois Emerging Writers Competition is now open.  All contestants must be Illinois residents and 18 years of age or over. 

Winners receive the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Award, and there is a cash prize for first, second, and third place.  Entry forms, eligibility requirements, and further information can be found at: http://cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/library/center_for_the_book/.

Start writing!

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Celebrate National Poetry Month at the Library


Poetry Month

Poetry is food for the soul! Simple rhymes such as Mother Goose introduce early literacy to our youngest; epic poems like the Iliad and Odyssey bring us tales of heroic adventures; and modern poems explore an unending range of topics and poetic forms … All in all, every poem entertains us with literature in its most graceful style. Read more about Poetry Month

Book Spine Poetry

Yesterday, a group of students grades three to six gathered during the library's Write On!  creative writing workshop.  One of the activities was to create poetry from book spines.  Here are the amazing results!  (And if a title sounds interesting, you are in luck - all of the titles are available for check-out.  Just visit our online catalog.)  Enjoy!  -Elaine

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Moments Crystalized into Words

Don't bother the earth spirit who lives here. She is working on a story. It is the oldest story in the world and it is delicate, changing. If she sees you watching she will invite you in for coffee, give you warm bread, and you will be obligated to stay and listen. But this is no ordinary story. You will have to endure earthquakes, lightning, the deaths of all those you love, the most blinding beauty. It's a story so compelling you may never want to leave; this is how she traps you. See that stone finger over there? Read more about Moments Crystalized into Words