(Cult) Classics

If you're looking for some movies to set the mood this Halloween weekend, your official watchlist is right here. From horror classics like Halloween and The Shining to the family-friendly flicks, Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas, this list has something for everyone. Looking to find something beyond the classics? We've got you covered! Evil Dead 2, Re-Animator, and Suspiria are the cult classics you (never knew you) were waiting for. Read more about (Cult) Classics

The Illustrious Sale Siblings

Champaign-Urbana is no stranger to the entertainment industry: it is the boyhood home of Roger Ebert; the birthplace of music group REO Speedwagon and super-villain computer HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey; and was recently the filming site of a Danny Glover movie. However, in the first half of the twentieth century, Champaign-Urbana’s biggest stars were Charles (known professionally as “Chic”) and Virginia Sale, who grew up on Main Street in Urbana.

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New DVDs from the Criterion Collection

If you are a movie lover, you are probably already familiar with the Criterion Collection. The Criterion Collection has been publishing special editions of notable classic and contemporary films since 1984. Their selections include films from around the world, and encompass everything from experimental films to cult classics, documentaries, and even musical performances. Their editions always have cool supplemental materials (interviews, short films, commentary, etc.) and are often also accompanied by a booklet with additional information about the film. Read more about New DVDs from the Criterion Collection

New Criterion Collection titles at your library!

There are a lot of things to appreciate about the Criterion Collection releases of classic movies. They have awesome special features, great quality picture and sound, and a really diverse selection. Perhaps my favorite thing about them, though, is that they often remind me to catch up on older titles I may have missed out on. Read more about New Criterion Collection titles at your library!