Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels

Batman Canon

Did you enjoy the Dark Knight movies?  Feel like dipping your toe into the world of batman comics but don’t know where to begin?  Then this short list is for you!  The comics mentioned below are some of the best Batman comics which have, more or less, become canon.

Friends With Boys

The first day of high school is intimidating for anyone—especially if you’re Maggie McKay and up until this year you’ve been home-schooled by your mom.  Making friends is going to be hard enough and Maggie’s three older brothers plan on making things even more difficult if they can.  Maggie

It's Time to Get Graphic!

I confess that I have not always been a fan of graphic novels. I appreciated the artwork and stylistic value, but it was difficult for me to read the text and visual story as a whole work. I would either concentrate on the text bubbles, or look exclusively at the artwork.

The Dark Knight Returns!

What happens when a super-hero ages out?  Can he ever stop righting wrongs—will his ego even allow it?  Frank Miller’s story of an aging Batman plays with this idea brilliantly.  For those of you now thinking “this sounds just like ‘The Watchmen,’” the first installment of “The Dark Knight Returns” was published in 1986 where a

Battling Boy

Sure, most cities aren’t all that safe but Arcopolis is probably the most unsafe of them all.  Re

Blue is the Warmest Color

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes a good cover can compel you to pick up a book you wouldn’t otherwise be interested in.  In the case of