Goku vs Superman

Picture of SupermanI didn’t start this fight and I’m not going to end it, but here’s my contribution.  Picture of Goku

Beware the Kitten Holy

Lumberjanes Cover Art"Beware the Kitten Holy" is the first clue in what initially might seem like a very strange comic (it's only a little strange but you'll love the strangeness trust me).  In

Batman Canon

Did you enjoy the Dark Knight movies?  Feel like dipping your toe into the world of batman comics but don’t know where to begin?  Then this short list is for you!  The comics mentioned below are some of the best Batman comics which have, more or less, become canon.

Calvin And Hobbes!

Calvin and Hobbes Sunday Pages 1985-1995Did you know we now have a small collection of Calvin and Hobbes books in the Children’s Department?