Fall cookbook trends: Instant Pots and slow cooking!


Fall is always a big time for cookbooks, and for good reason. With sunset coming earlier and temperatures dropping, cozying up at home and cooking something hearty and warm sounds like the perfect evening. Two of the popular topics right now seem to be cookbooks focused on slow cookers and Instant Pots, and we have great new titles on both topics with lots of recipes and tips. Whether you are new to using these appliances or an old pro looking for new ideas, check out some of these new titles!

New book arrivals!


It's always exciting to see the new book arrivals each week, and sometimes it's hard to prioritize which of them to read next! Here are a few coming through from this week that look especially intriguing:

Inside the mind of Miyazaki

circle of booksEver wondered what might have inspired Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle?  Well, the mind behind Studio Gibhli, Hayao Miyazaki, has a list of his 50 top children's books.

Paper making and the Peace Paper Project

Papermaking is about more than arts and crafts!  Just ask Drew Matott of the Peace Paper Project whose organization utilizes papermaking for community engagement/activism as well as trauma therapy.

Location, Location, Location

Sometimes you read a book for the characters or the action.  And sometimes it's the place you can't forget.  For the record, I will never, ever get tired of reading books set in London.  EVER.  So what do you do when you want more of a place?