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International Games Week: Family

International Games Week LogoJust what it sounds like.  Games everyone in the family will enjoy from young to old.  Usually these games can accommodate at least four players and don't take hours to finish. 

Unless you consider Monopoly and Risk family games.  Then get ready to play for hours.

International Games Week: Euro Games

International Games Week LogoIn honor of International Games Week, we're going to look at types of board games.  One type a day!  This is by no means a list of every type of game out there.  There are many different types, but we're going to highlight some of the ones that are popular at The Urbana Free Librar

Get to Level 10 to beat your friends!

Munchkin box art"Lauren," you say, "my friends and I are bored and there's no Teen Open Lab today.  What can we do?"  After applauding you for your excellent grammar (Friends and I, not friends and me.  Hush, I've had to write a lot of English papers in my day.....and now I sound old :( ).

Expect the Unexpected

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