author birthday

What a Wonderful Kind of Birthday!

The cover of an Arthur book with a clear picture of Arthur and the author's nameThis November we are celebrating the 72nd birthday of Marc Brown, the master storyteller behind the most adventurous aardvark in books and television, Arthur. I think most of us are familiar with Arthur and his sister D.W.

October Beats and Nikki Grimes’ 68th Birthday!

A cover of one of Nikki Grimes' many books about life and love, "Welcome Precious."This October we are taking a moment to celebrate famed author and poet Nikki Grimes and her 68th birthday. This fantastic and heartfelt force of nature has been exploring poetry and presenting it to the world since she was 6.

Spooky, Scary, Stine and his 75th Birthday

The cover to one of R.L. Stine's famous Goosebump BooksAs the autumn chill sets in and the nights become longer a sensation of fear and goosebumps begin to crawl along our hearts. October is certainly the month of scares, which makes it the perfect month for famed horror author R.L. Stine’s 75th birthday! For many of us R.L.

Can You Spot this Author on his 62nd Birthday?

The cover of a "Where's Waldo" bookCan you spot this famous children’s author in a crowded room? This past September we celebrated the 62nd birthday of the man behind Waldo: The man with the red and white striped hat, large glasses, and ability to blend into any crowd.