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Get in the Game: Books about Sports

Heidi Ayarbe, 2011
As seventeen year-old Jake Martin and his teammates prepare for their third state soccer championship game, he privately copes with the obsessive-compulsive disorder that makes every day life a struggle for him.


Jennifer Bradbury, 2008
When a cross-country bicycle journey goes terribly wrong and results in the disappearance of his best friend Win, the police have serious questions for Chris.


Elisa Carbone, 2010
Rather than be sent to boarding school, P.K. decides to embark on a series of dangerous rock-climbing expeditions in Nevada with a boy she meets at her climbing gym.


The Girl Who Threw Butterflies
Mick Cochrane, 2009
When fourteen year-old Molly’s talent at throwing knuckleballs earns her a place among the boys on the school baseball team, she learns that through finding joy in the game, she can honor the memory of her deceased father.


Joshua Cohen, 2011
Members of the football team at Danny’s high school constantly bully Danny and the other gymnasts until the presence of a new kid in town brings about change.


Whip It
Shauna Cross, 2009
Bliss Cavendar is tired of being dragged to beauty pageants by her mother, so she secretly joins a roller derby team where she skates under the nickname “Babe Ruthless.” All’s well until a scheduling conflict makes it impossible to be there for the team and compete in a major pageant on the same day.


Gym Candy
Carl Deuker, 2007
Desperate to hold onto his varsity football team spot he has earned, maintain his social status, and please his high-achieving father, high school freshman Mick Johnson turns to “gym candy,” or steroids. Triumph on the field soon turns to tragedy off of it.


Gordon Korman, 2009
High-school quarterback Marcus Jordan is lonely when he moves to a new town and has trouble fitting in with the other football players, but when he is befriended by a retired NFL linebacker whose behavior is often unpredictable, life becomes even more complicated.


How to Ditch Your Fairy
Justine Larbalestier, 2009
In fourteen year-old Charlie’s world, everyone has a personal fairy who watches over one aspect of daily life. When Charlie tries to get rid of the parking fairy she thinks is useless because she cannot drive, this basketball player finds herself jumping through more hoops than she ever thought possible.


Seth Baumgartner’s Love Manifesto
Eric Luper, 2010
High school senior Seth Baumgartner is an avid golfer who preparing for a father-son tournament. After spotting his father out to dinner with a woman who is definitely not his mom and being dumped by his own girlfriend, he is inspired to record a series of anonymous podcasts from the heart that don’t stay anonymous for long.


The Mermaid’s Mirror
L.K. Madigan, 2010
Eager to learn how to surf despite the fact that her dad barely survived a surfing accident many years ago, Lena is even more intrigued by the waves when thinks she spots a mermaid shimmering near the surface.


Jersey Tomatoes are the Best
Maria Padian, 2011
When fifteen year-old best friends from New Jersey decide to spend the summer apart to attend separate camps for ballet and tennis, each girl faces obstacles that will impact her health and future.


Mexican WhiteBoy
Matt de la Peña, 2008
Sixteen-year-old Danny displays a talent for pitching on the baseball fields of San Diego County as he searches to find a place to belong and understand his mixed racial heritage.


The Berlin Boxing Club
Robert Sharenow, 2011
In World War II era Germany, fourteen year-old Karl Stern’s family hides their Jewish cultural heritage in fear of the anti-semetic violence steadily increasing under Hitler’s rule. In the midst of this danger, Karl learns to box from the legendary German heavyweight Max Schmeling.


Pretty Tough
Liz Tigelaar, 2007
Is one soccer field large enough for two sisters who constantly argue about everything? Pretty Tough is first in a series full of drama, forgiveness, love, and plenty of high-adrenaline sports action.


The Running Dream
Wendelin Van Draanen, 2009
A special group of friends encourages Jessica to return to the track team with a new prosthetic limb after she is severely injured in a school bus accident.


Rucker Park Setup
Paul Volponi, 2007
During a basketball game held on the court where Mackey’s best friend was murdered, Mackey must decide whether to live in silence or speak up about the crime.


One Good Punch
Rich Wallace, 2007
When marijuana is found in the locker of high school senior Michael Kerrigan, this track team captain and aspiring newspaper reporter faces a course of events that could change his life forever.


The Kayla Chronicles
Sherri Winston, 2007
When Kayla is invited to join her school’s hip hop dance team, she tries her hand at undercover journalism to expose the unfairness of the team’s audition process and empower the girls at her school.


Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can’t Have: A Novel
Allen Zadoff, 2009
High school sophomore Andrew Zansky joins the varsity football team in an effort to get the attention of a new girl at school while struggling with his weight.

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