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Read Like a Rock Star

Want to be a Rock Star?  Read like one.David Bowie


What do all these have in common?

Major Tom

Ziggy Startdust

Aladdin Sane

The Think White Duke

Jareth the Goblin King

and Lord Royal Highness from Spongebob



  I will never stop loving

Apply Within

Looking for a summer job? Or maybe just want some experience applying for jobs?

Well, if you’re the kind of teen who reads the Library’s blog, then chances are pretty good that you *love* books. Where is the best place for a book lover to work? The library, of course!

Beware the Kitten Holy

Lumberjanes Cover Art"Beware the Kitten Holy" is the first clue in what initially might seem like a very strange comic (it's only a little strange but you'll love the strangeness trust me).  In

Twisted Life

The war with the dark god took a lot of things from Hallie.

Brains Melted from Finals? Games to Relax and Recover

As fun as this time of the year can be, if you have finals, it can be.... well, not fun.  So whether you're studying and need a quick break, or are done with finals and need something to help you and your friends relax, I have three card games for you that can be played quickly but are a ton of fun and have lots of replay value.


Let's Catch Some Demons!

Cover image for The Demon Trapper's Daughter Atlanta, Georgia hasn’t escaped the latest economic crisis. Jobs are scarce.