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In 2050 you can hack your brain

Bluescreen CoverIn 2050 most jobs are done by nulis (think small robots/drones) and most of Los Angeles (which is now bigger than most states) is out of work.  Marisa Carneseca and her friends are tryin

GIRLZ RULE! (boys drool)

This one's a tough sell:  historical fiction* about some formidable teenage girls written by some formidable female authors like

Playing with Fire

Not to beat a dead dragon to death, but dragons are awesome. It’s a fact of the universe.

Forget the Wait!

Guess what?! No, really…guess. I’ll wait…




Fear the Librarians!

As someone who works in a library and loves manga,

Mutually Assured Destruction, Maybe

Scorpion Rules Cover ArtWhen war alomst drove humanity to extinction, an AI , Talis, was created to come up with ideas to stop the fighting.  And it did.  By taking over the world.  And bombing major cities until countries stopped fighting.  Then Talis benevelontly declared that countries could rule themselves, but any cou

It's Elementary!

Who doesn’t love manga? Crazy people, that’s who.