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No Rest, No Peace

Shortly after being grounded for life, Delia inherits her great-aunt’s house.

It's Coming!

Not Too Old for Fairy Tales

If you’ve hung out at the Library lately, or looked at our website, or checked out our wall on Facebook, you know that the Library is hosting a Fairy Tale Ball on Friday, March 11 from 6 to

It's App Time!

When looking through apps on Amazon, I was delighted when it provided me with a suggestion:  “Like manga?” it asked me.

Inside the mind of Miyazaki

circle of booksEver wondered what might have inspired Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle?  Well, the mind behind Studio Gibhli, Hayao Miyazaki, has a list of his 50 top children's books.

Staff Picks!

Need some guidance on what to read next?

Here There Be Dragons

Dragon are just awesome. No denying it.