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Teen Fall Reading Program 2016

Participating in Fall Reading is easy!

Just pick up a Bingo card from the Information or Reference Desk and fill out your information. 

Then start reading!

Every time you read a book, write the title on the corresponding numbered line on the back.  So if you read a “mystery or horror” book (#24), you would write the title in line 24. Read more about Teen Fall Reading Program 2016

Where Futures End

Where Futures End cover100 years.  Five stories.  2 connected worlds.  Allies or enemies?


Dylan discovers the Other Place as a child and keeps trying to go back there, angered and mystified that no one else can sense the other world as his real life spirals out of control. 

  Read more about Where Futures End

If Prom was an 80s Action Movie

Prom.  No word can fill a high schooler with more dread or delight (or ennui if you don't care (ennui is totally a SAT word.  You should look it up if you haven't.  Also it's a cool word.  I swear.)).  The drama of whether to go, who's taking whom, and what to wear is unparalleled. Read more about If Prom was an 80s Action Movie