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Pigey in the libraryAnother Pigey in the library!

Careful What You Wish For*

YA fiction has a lot of different genres. There’s romance, there’s sci-fi, there’s fantasy...and there’s horror.

SYNC: Free Audiobooks this Summer!

Grasshopper Jungle coverNo joke.  Now through August 17th, you can get 2 free audiobooks every week from Audio File.  That's 12 audiobooks from now until the end of summer.  Audio File will list the books every week and you download them onto the Ove

Let's Make a Deal!

I’m a sucker for all things with an Alice in Wonderland twist (see some of my

Lost Time is Never Found Again

Local author Ted Sanders has created an amazing world filled with science so advanced that it seems like magic.

Grab Your Backpack! Let's Vamanos!

It's like Dora the Explorer...only not for kids...and no Spanish...or monkeys...okay it's not really *th

Madness and Murder

Madness so Discreet Cover ArtGrace has a photographic memory.  She can remember everything she’s ever been through as though it just happ