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Beware the Papercuts

Manga + Origami = Awesomesauce. (Do people still say awesomesauce? If not, then I said that ironically.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day @ SWE UIUC

Curious about engineering?

All high school girls are invited to join the University of Illinois Society of Women Engineers for IGED 2017!

There will be speakers, innovative activites, and an interactive design challenge. The event will be held Saturday, February 18th from 10am-3pm at

the Materials Science and Engineering Building 1304 W Green Street, Urbana, Il 61801. The cost is $5, but that covers lunch and a t-shirt!

Register by Feb 9th on the SWE UIUC Website.

Bigger on the Inside!

Whether you’re a seasoned Whovian or new to this whole wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff, The Urbana Free Library has some *amazing*

The Library Challenges You!

Winter Reading rules Lots of people create New Year's Resolutions in January.  And, I know you'll be shocked, but we suggest you think about taking part in the Library's Winter Reading Challenge as part of your resolution.  It started on December 21st and a couple people have already finished it!  It lasts until February 28

We're All Dead Here

Ten years after a cataclysmic earthquake buries most of Tokyo under water, Japan’s only privately owned prison, called


This Savage Song coverSometimes nursery rhymes are more than sing song.  Sometimes they are warnings.

Vassa in the Night (Or Living Dolls are Sometimes NOT Creepy and Actually Friendly?)

Vassa in the Night CoverRetold Russian fairy tales are becoming vogue.  They're generally darker than Disneyfied Brothers' Grimm stories, so when I heard about one with unusually long nights, living dolls, and Baba Yaga running a convience store and chopping the heads off shop lifters, I was sold.  

15 Years of Spirited Away

Spirited Away cover photoCan you believe it's been 15 years since Spirited Away came out?  To celebrate, it's coming back to theaters for just two days on December 4th and 5th!  

Have a Little Faith!

Are you a fan of superhero comics? I know, I know, stupid question, but I needed to break the ice.