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No Hobbits Here: Fantasy Beyond Middle-Earth

There comes a time when you might get tired of reading about hobbits, or about elves and grumpy dwarves becoming friends.  There's nothing wrong with dwarf-elf friendship, but sometimes you're not in the mood for it, or you feel like you've read it a million-bazillion times already.  Tolkien has been such a large figure in fantasy writing that it can feel like every book might be set in Middle-earth.  But that isn't so! Read more about No Hobbits Here: Fantasy Beyond Middle-Earth

I am Princess X

I am Princess X cover artSometimes one friendship can define your life.  For May, that friend was Libby.  As little kids, they created the comic character, Princess X, and spent their time chronicling her adventures.  Then Libby died.  Before May could claim them, Libby's father threw away all the Princess X comics t Read more about I am Princess X