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Settlers of Catan!

Over the weekend, my friends invited me over to their house for game night. Now I’m not exactly what you would call a true “gamer”, unless you count Life, Sorry, Uno, and Apples to Apples. But I figured it would be fun to at least try a few new games, so I went over and joined them for game night. Read more about Settlers of Catan!

Homework Help

This week marked the beginning of the spring semester, which means that most of you already have reading assignments, upcoming quizzes, and a slew of other things to work on.

But I have good news—the library is here to help! When we updated the library’s website, we also updated the teen section to include a wide variety of helpful links and resources. Read more about Homework Help

Winter Holiday Mashup Party!

Why celebrate one winter holiday when you can celebrate them all! Kick off winter break by joining us at this year-end party. We'll have lots of fun activities, including ornament-making, a left-right gift exchange, table tennis, twister, table-top foosball, and even limbo! Read more about Winter Holiday Mashup Party!