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Lost Time is Never Found Again

Local author Ted Sanders has created an amazing world filled with science so advanced that it seems like magic.

Grab Your Backpack! Let's Vamanos!

It's like Dora the Explorer...only not for kids...and no Spanish...or monkeys...okay it's not really *tha

Madness and Murder

Madness so Discreet Cover ArtGrace has a photographic memory.  She can remember everything she’s ever been through as though it just happ

Don't Be Late!

Love Japanese culture? Of course you do, why did I even ask…let’s start again.

Tea and Adventure

I have found an awesome comic series featuring a strong, adventurous woman named

That Lovey-Dovey Stuff

Do you like romance in your manga and anime?

First Time Voting

American FlagThere are five months until the presidential election on November 8th.  For some of you this is the first time you can vote in a presidential election (whether you're about to turn 18 or turned 18 after the last election).  Now is the time to get registered and start looking at the canidates if you haven't already.