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Katsa is the King’s niece.  You’d think she would be expected to learn how to dance, talk politely with potential s


Vortex: A Tempest Novel

Hot off the press—Jackson Meyer is back in action in Julie Cross’ latest novel,

Beautiful Creatures

There was a curse.  There was a girl.  And in the end, there was a grave. 

Settlers of Catan!

Over the weekend, my friends invited me over to their house for game night. Now I’m not exactly what you would call a true “gamer”, unless you count Life, Sorry, Uno, and Apples to Apples. But I figured it would be fun to at least try a few new games, so I went over and joined them for game night.

The Urbana Free Library Teen Tech Series

Coming  Soon – TUFL Tech Series!
Ever heard of a 3D printer? Ever wish you could make your own robot?

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Mara doesn’t remember the events that led up to her being in the hospital in a coma for three days. 

Homework Help

This week marked the beginning of the spring semester, which means that most of you already have reading assignments, upcoming quizzes, and a slew of other things to work on.

But I have good news—the library is here to help! When we updated the library’s website, we also updated the teen section to include a wide variety of helpful links and resources.